Financial Health Check

financial health

Financial Health Check

Get a clear picture of where you stand with your finances, whether you are looking to action a specific need or simply want the peace of mind that your finances are in good shape.

Our financial health check will help you to check if you are on the right track and in control of your everyday money and investment portfolio. We start with your goals and ambitions – from buying a house to starting a family to retirement – and explore ways to help you achieve them. We look at your current lifestyle and changes that may be occurring in the near future and see how they affect your finances now and in the future.

Establishing Financial Goals

Financial goal setting is part of a sound financial plan. Regardless of what life stage you are in, you are likely to have some short and long term personal financial goals. Setting tangible and realistic goals, following them, and tracking your progress is the key to success in achieving all of your financial goals.

If you aren’t working toward anything specific, you’re likely to spend more than you should. Financial goal-setting is very much like planning the itinerary for a vacation or business-related trip. You need to know a starting point and ending point, the time frame for “traveling” (or reaching your goals), and an estimated dollar cost. Setting short-term, mid-term and long-term financial goals is an important step toward becoming financially secure.

What will we do

We will assist you to establish a solid financial base, this includes making sure you have an adequate emergency fund, sufficient insurance coverage, and a realistic budget.

Finally, a personal financial statement and report will be prepared. By using personal financial statements to become more aware of your spending habits and net worth, you’ll be well on your away to greater financial security.

  • Current Financial Position – Our analysis on your current financial situation
  • Risk Management and Insurance Needs – Analysis on insurance coverage
  • Investment Planning – Review on current investment portfolio
  • Retirement Planning – Determine retirement goals and funding
  • Estate Planning – Making sure final wishes are honoured and the loved ones are provided.
  • Recommendations and Strategies – The ways to optimise or improve your financial position
  • Implementation  – Hands-on guidance on financial strategy implementation
  • Monitoring – Half-yearly or yearly review on your financial plan
how can we help you?

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