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Give me insight on investment planning. Choon Hong shows me the benefits by investing in PRS and wrap account.

JK Wong
Engineer, Johor

Business insurance can be one of the most important investments you make for your business. You can choose to cover your office furniture, fixtures, tools and inventory against damage and losses. We partner with leading insurance carriers to provide a tailored, comprehensive coverage solution for your business.

Range of Business Insurances

Property Insurance

Protect buildings, equipment and more

Commercial property insurance can help protect your business from a minor loss to a major disaster. Whether you own a building or lease a workspace, property insurance can help protect your physical assets.

Liability Insurance

Protect your business from unexpected claims

No matter how much you plan your business activities and strategies, you know the unexpected can – and often does – happen: accidents, data breaches, negligence claims or worse. Each of these can lead to lawsuits, legal claims and reputational harm for your business.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Coverage for a single vehicle or a fleet

A commercial auto policy covers vehicles used in the operation of your business. Depending on the policy, coverage can include business-owned, leased and employee-owned vehicles utilized for business purposes.

General Liability Insurance

Liability coverage for legal claims, damages and more

General liability can help protect your business and assets in the event of work-related accidents or other unexpected events.

Workforce Coverage

Attract and retain a valued workforce through insurance benefits

Providing competitive employee benefits is critical to attracting and retaining a talented workforce. And after they’re on the job, limit your exposure with a comprehensive Workers’ Compensation program.

Group Health Coverage

Innovative employee benefits solutions

We can help organizations of all sizes provide innovative employee benefits including medical coverage, vision, health and wellness resources and more.

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